The Enclave  at Rosemont Ridge Condominiums.  3800 Rosemont Blvd.   Fairlawn, Ohio  44333 (no assoc mail received here)  
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Address any
correspondence to:
Associated Property
Mgmt. LLC
5090 Park Ave West
Seville OH 44273

If it doesn't fit in the dumpster, take it
back to your unit and call
Bradee Fink
Associated Property Mgmt
She will make arrangements for a pick up that
doesn't cost the Assoc anything, otherwise we
all pay.
To our Enclave Residents
The board hopes this finds you safe and staying healthy.  
We wanted to take a few moments to update you on a few things.

1.    Annual meeting has been postponed till a later date- stay tuned for updates
2.    We are rescheduling the garage Power washing for Mid May- stay tuned for
3.    Please keep your Garage Doors closed when not in Use-.
4.    Please remember to not store anything in the garage that will not fit in your storage
5.    For those of you that don’t know the Association has invested in new front doors
to the buildings, they were        scheduled to be replaced in late March but with the
current conditions, we have tentatively rescheduled for early to mid-June- Stay tuned
for updates
6.    Clubhouse update
a.    Please remember only two people to the workout room at a time, and please wipe
the machines down before and after use
b.     The Sauna should not be used at this time
c.     The coin operated washer and dryer that were put in over 20 years ago that were
available for use sadly have been stolen sometime the week of March 29th.  A Police
report has been filed.  Please remember to keep an eye open to any suspicious activity
at any time of day or night , and report any said activity to the Fairlawn Police
Department.  We are only as good as our residents !!!  We are  all in this together.  Let's
continue to work to keep our homes and community safe"
7.     you will start seeing the landscaping company on the property in the near future to
start our spring, summer         maintenance

Thank you, please stay healthy so we can see you all soon !

Enclave Board of Directors
Please be advised that
over the next 2 weeks,
The Well Doctor (pond
maintenance company)
and his associates will
be on site throughout
the day/night removing
fish from the pond due
to overpopulation. Live
traps will be set and
you will see gentleman
removing the trapped
fish and relocating
them to another
property. This must be
done in order to
maintain the pond
properly moving forward.
If you have any
questions, please do
not hesitate to ask!
Thank you!